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LW-FS-1 French Gas Outlet

LW-FS-1 French Gas Outlet

Gas Outlet- Gas Terminal Unit of French Standard AFNOR

Product Name: Gas Outlet- Gas Terminal Unit of French Standard AFNOR
Model: LW-FS-1
Product Description
French standard gas outlet or gas terminal units are used in medical gas pipeline system for wards, ICU, operation theatre, operation room (OR), emergency room, etc. It can be connected, through an Adaptor|pin index, with oxygen regulators, vacuum regulators, anaesthesia machine and other medical gas devices.

Gas terminal units|Gas outlets for O2, N2O, Air, VAC, etc. available.
Adaptors are of two types for you to choose:bayonet type and spiral type available.


Working Pressure:
3-5 bar (oxygen);
-0.6 bar (vacuum);
3-5 bar (air);
3-5 bar (N2O);
Max Pressure: 10 bar
Connecting Tube:10mm; length-125mm;
Weight: 525g