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Hospital Privacy Curtain Requirements


Hospital Privacy Curtain, also called hospital bed curtain or hospital cubicle curtain, is required to be flamme-retardant and anti-bacteria and usually is top-meshed to maintain free air-flow.


The usual vertical length is 2.8m, around 17cm at the top, followed with 55cm top mesh and then the main body about 208cm. The length can also be customerized. Usually curtain is vertically 20-40cm above floor and horizontally 1.6 times of the length of curtain track. It should be at least 10% longer than curtain track length, otherwise when it is pulled toward one end of the track, the other end follows due to inertia and is hard to keep complete privacy and thus turns out to be very annoying.


Regarding flamme-retardancy feature, presently there are two methods to maintain this feature. One is by chemical. Fabric is dyed into different colors according to customer choice and soaked in liquid with chemical for certain period of time and after that, the fabric turns out to be flamme-retardant. But after washing, this feature fades away. The other way to maintain this feature is to added something to the fiber. and fabric made of this special fiber boasts of flamme-retardant feature which lasts very well even after 50 cycles of machine washing. Permanently flamme-retardant fabric can well meet Type C performance requirements of BS 5867-2:2008 - Fabrics for curtains, drapes and window blinds – Part 2: Flammability requirements specification at before and after washing stages.