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LW-WG-152 Wall guard board

LW-WG-152 Wall guard board

Product Name: Wall Guard Board
Model No.: LW-WG-152, LW-WG-125, LW-WG-102
Product Description:

Hospital handrails are installed in hospitals as well as nursing homes, hotels and other public places mainly to help patients, the elderly and people who need help with their walk. Wall guard board and corner guard offer protection for exceptional impact and durability for walls and corners. Handrails are usually installed 850mm above floor and handrail-wall distance should be around 40-50mm. If two lines of handrails are installed, the lower line is usually 650mm above floor.

  LONGWAY supplies a wide verity of handrails and wall protection, made of aluminum alloy structure, PVC cover, ABS elbows and back holders.

For wall guard rails, we have three types, broad type, medium type and slim type. The sizes are 152mm, 125mm and 102mm respectively.

Width:152mm; 125mm; 102mm
material:alluminum alloy+pvc+abs
Length:can be cut according to customer requirements
color: different colors available