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LW-NRL-1 Bathroom Grab Bar

LW-NRL-1 Bathroom Grab Bar

Product Name: Bathroom Grab Bar,  Barrier-free Handrail

Article No.: LW-NRL-1

Colors: Ivory or yellow

Product Description:

Barrier free series of products includes barrier free handrails (also called bathroom grab bars) and bathroom chairs or foldable chairs. This series addresses the needs of the elderly, patients and people with disabilities. It’s widely used in nursing homes, hotels, hospitals and other public places, creating a friendly environment for everyone, regardless of their age, ability or status in life.

Product Features:

1. Inside material is 304 stainless steel and surface material is 5mm thick high-quality nylon;

2. Nylon material has remarkable endurance for various environments, such as acid, alkali, grease and moisture; Working temperature ranges from -40℃~105;

3. Antimicrobial, antistatic and fire-resistant;

4. No deformation after impact.

5. Surfaces are comfortable to grip and are stable, firm, and slip resistant per ASTM 2047;

6. Easy to clean;

7. Long life spam and keeps brand new in spite of weathering and aging.


LW-NRL-1 Bathroom Grab bar or Nylon handrail can be supplied in different sizes. When used as grab bar, it can be in small lengths units, from 30cm to 80cm. When used as handrail, it can be in several meters long. In the latter case, it is usually installed in double lines, the upper line usually around 85cm above floor and the lower line usually around 65cm above floor.

Inside material

304 stainless steel



Outside Material

high quality nylon



Outer diameter


Loading capacity



304 stainless steel screw

Other Features